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Under the guidance of our award-winning, student-oriented faculty, students will obtain the “professional edge” necessary for a successful career in public service.

Your Path To Success

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a 48-credit program* which seeks to provide the highest quality graduate education for current and prospective students interested in a career in public service through in government or nonprofit organizations.

The program strives to achieve local, state and national prominence through a contemporary curriculum, innovative instruction, scholarly and applied research, and service to key stakeholders. Program activities are designed to develop and enhance management skills essential to public and nonprofit organizations oriented towards a diverse metropolitan environment. Through small, stimulating seminars, convenient evening courses, and modern facilities, our students will acquire the essential skills necessary for public service professionalism—excellence in technique, ethics and leadership—to help meet the challenges in the years ahead.

Our students will be able to demonstrate critical analytical and writing skills related to public policy and administration by the time they graduate. They will be able to demonstrate oral communication skills, and students will be able to demonstrate analytical competencies acquired through internships. We invite you to browse our curriculum and contact our office with any questions you may have about our program. 


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  • Core Courses - 24 Credits

    Students must complete, and obtain a passing grade, in all of the courses list below:

    • POL 601 – Budget and Financial Management and Administration
    • POL 606 – Organizational Dynamics
    • POL 610 – Political Analysis
    • POL 622 – Introduction to Graduate Public Administration
    • POL 646 – Public Policy Analysis and Administration
    • POL 647 – Human Resource Management in Public Service
    • POL 651 – Productivity Improvement in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
    • POL 671 – Political Environment of Business


  • Specialized Courses - 12 Credits

    Students select an additional four courses from those listed below, with at least one course from each of the three subfields:

    Organization Management and Leadership:

    • POL 619 – Game Theory
    • POL 624 – Non-Profit Organizations: Law, Policy and Management
    • POL 652 – Total Quality Public Service Management
    • POL 654 – Political Ethics: The Dynamic Dilemmas of Contemporary Leadership
    • POL 696 – Organizational Security Management POL 697 – Ending War and Building Peace


    Equity, Ethics, and Legal Issues in Public Administration:

    • POL 608 – Equity and Diversity in Public Administration
    • POL 626 – Administrative Law
    • POL 657 – Ethical Issues in Government, Business and Nonprofit Organizations POL 696 – Issues in Judicial Politics


    Issues in Public Policy and Administration:

    • POL 625 – Comparative Public Policy and Administration
    • POL 634 – Applied Policy Analysis
    • POL 658 – From Electronic Government to Digital Governance
    • POL 696 – Bureaucratic Politics
    • POL 696 – Money, Power, & Politics in American Cities
    • POL 696 – Democracy in Action: Local Government Simulation
    • POL 696 – MuniMod: Civic Innovation Competition

  • Internship - 3 Credits

    Students must complete a 3-credit internship experience (200 hours). Students with prior managerial work experience may substitute a relevant POL course for the internship with the prior approval of the MPA Director. In a case where a student is unable to obtain an internship, a relevant POL course may be substituted with the prior written approval of the MPA Director.

  • Electives - 9 Credits

    The remaining 9 credit hours may include a mixture of elective courses, or independent study courses taken either through the POL department or in other University of Miami Departments. Independent study and courses taken through other University of Miami Departments require the approval of the MPA Program Director to count toward the MPA credit hour requirements. A maximum of an additional 3 credit hours of internship may count toward the MPA as an elective.

*36 to 48 credit hours may be completed at the graduate level, depending on government management experience and academic preparation. Please contact our office with questions you may have regarding the credit hours for this program.